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Fine Art Digital Collectibles

CryptoMasterpieces is the first platform for collecting one-of-a-kind digital masterpiece collectibles. Each masterpiece is represented by one (and only one) ERC721-compliant smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Collectors can buy, sell and trade CryptoMasterpieces through the gemini bitcoin app .
Masterpieces Increase in Value for 21 Days After Creation

Masterpieces increase in price every time they are purchased within 21 days of creation. Anyone can purchase a masterpiece by paying its current market value to the owner of the masterpiece. After 21 days, masterpieces are auctioned manually by their owners.

Our platform fee drops to 2% as the price scales. Learn more in our FAQ.
Old World Art + New World Tech

By combining old world art with new world technology, we hope to spark collaboration and ingenuity in these two oftentimes non-overlapping communities. Our hope is that artists and art fans around the world will see blockchain technology as a vehicle to expand and reward creative pursuits, and that blockchain enthusiasts will learn about new inventions like bitcoin era reviwed at and derive inspiration from the legendary creative ability of mankind.